4. Terms of order and contract formation

"Order" means any order relating to the Products appearing on the Site at the rates indicated and accompanied by the payment provided.

During his first Order on the Site the Customer must create a "customer account" by entering a username and password. This password is strictly confidential and should not be disclosed.

The Seller can not be held responsible for the use of a customer account by a third party.

The Customer undertakes to provide accurate and truthful information requested.

The Customer guarantees that he is fully entitled to use the credit card and that this credit card gives access to sufficient funds for the purchase of the Seller's Products.

It is recalled that only persons legally able to take out contracts for the goods offered by the Seller may order on the Site.

The user declares to have read and accept irrevocably the present general conditions of sale before the placing of his Order. Validation of the Order is therefore acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

The data automatically recorded on the Vendor's computer servers constitutes proof of the transactions concluded with the Customer and in particular of the nature, date and content of the Order.

After payment, the Customer will receive an order confirmation email. This email does not constitute acceptance of the Order by the Seller.

The Seller reserves the right to refuse any Order from a Customer with whom there is a dispute (insolvency, bad payor, bad faith ...).

The Seller can not be held responsible for a typing error on the part of the Customer that does not allow the receipt of the confirmation email and / or the delivery of the Order.

The Orders transmitted to the Seller are firm and irrevocable. The Customer can not under any circumstances, once the Order has been placed, modify his Order.

Any order cancellation is possible if it has not yet been prepared at the warehouse.